Finding The Difference Between Fake And Real Brands

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Online shopping is really a good way to get designer brands cheaper than they would actually cost on the retail shelf. But there are also loads of scamsters who use this lure to sell fakes. So, as an online shopper, it is highly advisable to be vigilant against the fakes and make sure you get exactly what you asked for and not a cheap duplicate. Here are some tell-tale signs of a fake:

Rock bottom prices: True that online shopping can get you great prices. But unbelievably low prices should send a siren ringing. The price reductions obtained, are only because of elimination of middlemen and no expenses to run and maintain a store. These contribute to 20%-25% of the prices. If the retailer and brand decide to cut prices, the maximum discount maybe a few percentage points above or below. But if you find something selling at a fraction of its price and that too, from an obscure retailer, it most likely is a way to swindle your money.

No proven track record: First and foremost, it is highly difficult for a small retailer to get big discounts. Even if they do, it may be after a period of rigorous selling and building loyalty. So if you see a less known retailer propping up overnight and giving you steal deals, they are probably going to steal your money. When you look at retailer feedbacks, please ensure that you consider both the duration and volumes that the retailer has been in business and also if all the feedback are from a small group of customers.

Contact information: If they plan to dupe you, they most likely will not reveal themselves. All you will know about them is an impersonal ID or a URL which will stop working as they scam a lot like you and their truth is up on the internet. Almost any good retailer will give you a telephone number where you can call up and talk to them as well as the physical location of their address which you can verify. Absence of these details are the tell tale signs of a fake.

Foreign supplier: Now, I do not mean that all foreign suppliers are fake. A lot of them do genuine business and are able to offer good deals, because they have access to factories of our brands located in their countries where the goods are produced a lot cheaper than what they are sold to us for. However, of late, a trend has been observed that a large number of these fake sellers are from foreign locations where they are naturally safe from our laws. In this manner, they can scam a lot of people and still lead a normal life.

Lastly, I would say, be a vigilant shopper. Look at the product specifications and even e-mail the supplier about the originality of the item involved to make sure you have proof to show that you haven't got what you had asked for.



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Finding The Difference Between Fake And Real Brands

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This article was published on 2010/10/30